Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Turning of a Page

So I know I said I still intend for this blog to be used as our family blog which is still true - I am just slow on the "posting" I guess.
I feel like Brandon and I have been on a continual emotional roller coaster since the loss of Landon. The acceptance of not having him here is settling in and while I feel at peace with it on most days, there are other days that are not so great which I suppose is to be expected. Especially this past week has been tough for some reason and I just miss him so much. I think the fact that I would be due here in a couple weeks is part of the reason why it seems to be particularly hard lately. I know all of this is in Gods plan for our lives even though there are days that I resist it.
I know the loss of our son has made Brandon and I such a stronger couple and I am thankful for that. I knew when I married Brandon that I was so fortunate to spend my life with such an amazing person and with everything that happened with Landon, that only affirmed that. No matter where we go in life, Landon will always be our first child and will always be a part of us.
On a different but related note, we have had some positive things occur in the last couple of months too. The first of them started with Brandon getting a new job in Castle Rock at Douglas County High School. We are so excited about this because Douglas County is a great school system and he is back in a High School which is the age group that he prefers so he is definitely looking forward to that! Because of his job change, we have moved to Parker which means we are very close to his parents now and are thrilled about that. Especially with everything that has happened, I am looking forward to living near them. Another great thing that has happened in the last couple of weeks is I was offered a job as the Catering Manager for the Courtyard Marriott in Cherry Creek! For those of you who don't know, this is MUCH closer for me to drive versus to Boulder everyday. Not only that, but I was just ready for a change and looking forward to a new challenge. We feel like these new changes in our life sort of represent the turning of a page and we are excited to see what the future holds for us. I want to say again that we sincerely appreciate all of the prayers and support over the last few months, it truly means so much to both of us!